We love you all


BRILLIANT School is private school in Ushirika Mbogwe, Geita Tazania. Brilliant School is well organized and well working primary school. 

Teaching language is English, which makes it perfect school for internship. Teachers and students in the school are already got used to work with volunteers and interns, so they warmly welcome everyone. Teachers allows interns to take part in the teaching and they are counted in to school plans. 
Brilliant School accepts both pupils and students from every tribe, religion, race and colors. The students age are between 4-19. There is about 410 both primary pupils and secondary students in the school, and per class there is about 30-40 pupils and students. 

Brilliant primary school and DECA Secondary school follows Tanzanian official curriculum and they teach English, Mathematics, Art and Craft, Social studies, Kiswahili, Science and Religion also in secondary, Physics, Biology, chemistry, mathematics, Kiswahili, civics, English, History, Geography and Religion. 


We are going to have first form FOUR so we working hardly to make sure all students make greater result as we as at primary school result they normally do greater.


Dear Parents and Friends of the Brilliant School. We are highly happy to invite you all to join our pupils graduation ceremony on 23 October 2020. During that time so many intertaiment and talent from their fellow pupils more than 46 pupils are going to show talents.